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  1. I had the good fortune to take a course in symbolic logic from Dr. Dorrough in the Department of Philosophy at LSU in 1967. It was one of the best experiences I had in college and graduate school. He took the class, which was made up of students of widely varying backgrounds, through the proof of Gödel’s Theorem. We knew we had accomplished something worthwhile when the course was over. Dr. Dorrough wrote a separate final exam for each student, based on that student’s interests and background. That should give you some idea of his thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and work ethic as a professor. His classroom exposition was always a model of preparation and clarity. I am glad to find this memorial and get some idea of his career as a whole.


    1. Thank you for your comments, Mr. Tedder. I am in the process of going through his papers and linking them here or to where they appear on the web. I feel it is important that his contributions to so many diverse fields be somehow preserved.


  2. I was honored to have met this man several times through my friend, his wife, Victoria. He was such a gentle and humble soul, one would not have reason to be aware of his many accomplishments. He will be missed on this plane by many, but I’m guessing he’s still at play in multi-universes. Doug was blessed to have such a devoted and admiring wife in Victoria, and she was blessed to have found a matching of minds such as this. Blessings.


  3. Doug was my father. I have loved him dearly for over 42 years and it hurts me so much to know he is gone. Dad’s mind was uniquely complex, mysterious, vast, and brilliant. I’ve known nobody else who delved into all aspects of science and humanity with such a combination of intelligence and passion. He will be with me for the rest of my life, an integral piece of my figurative and literal DNA… in all the memories of him, in the widsom and values and insights he passed along both purposefully and inadvertently, and no doubt in myriad other ways of which I’m not even aware. Words cannot express how much Doug Dorrough means to me, how much I will always love him…


  4. I met Doug exactly one time, and he was a very sweet man – even my dog liked him, and she doesn’t like any man except for my father, so that is saying something about him and the depth of his soul. He left this world far too soon, but he has gone to the greater unknown, and into….. the final frontier. I hope you got to where you needed to be, Doug. And all the people who love Victoria will be here, looking after her – we promise.


  5. Although I’ve never met, this man who captured the heart of Victoria, in real life-I find myself missing him. Through Victoria, I have an essence of him and his good works. I know he was cherished, admired and truly loved. For a man to gather so much unto himself as he forged his way forward, he must have been astonishing. Peaceful rest, good sir.


  6. My fondest memory of Douglas was being able to have such amazing conversations with him about life and the universe, he always had something to say that made you think outside of the box. Douglas was such a unique and gifted man, his contribution to this world was a great one. We were privileged to have met him and Victoria while they lived in Canada. Their time with us here holds a special place in our hearts.


  7. Victoria, thank you for keeping the essence of Douglas alive for those of us who met him much too late in his amazing life of accomplishments. His genius speaks of someone whose intelligence was beyond remarkable, and to whom we owe much gratitude for the benefits derived. Witnessing your love for him confirmed how special your union was, in the way that you supported and complemented each other. I am blessed and honored to have had you both enter into my life.


  8. I am in awe of Doug’s achievements, inventions and successes. Doug truly made an impact on humanity during his time on Earth, leading the kind of life I wish I could have led. I am of far more humble origins and education, yet I aspire to make my own positive contributions to the world. Victoria’s support of PDMI Publishing, LLC enables those of us of less education than Doug (99.99% of the world’s population would be in this group!) to make our own positive contributions to human culture. We all wish to accomplish major goals we can be truly proud of. The kind when we reach the end of our own lives, we can look back and say “I made a difference.” Thanks to you, Doug, and your love Victoria, we at PDMI have the motivation and support to realize our dreams. My life is better in every way, because of you.


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