Robotics Concepts for the U. S. Space Station

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Analogy: A Priori Requirements for Deep Expert System Applications

Analogy: A Priori Requirements for Deep Expert System Applications. In Knowledge Based Problem Solving. J. S. Kowalik, Editor. Prentice-Hall, Chapter 3, 112-165, (1986)

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Dr. Dorrough contributed Chapter Three, Copyright 1986, Printice-Hall.  From the Editor:

Knowledge based systems are without any doubt the most popular AI applications in science, industry, and business.  They even make news in daily press and magazines. Unfortunately, there is usually a great disparity in expectations of the AI professionals and outsiders – the latter seem to be overly optimistic, to say the least. There are currently at least two kinds of barriers to commercialization of AI: a. deficiencies in AI as a scientific methodology, and b. pragmatic difficulties in introducing AI into the real world, such as shortages of experienced staff, reliable tools, and enlightened management.

The purpose of this book has been to collect in one volume contributions from several researchers and pioneers of AI that cover a relatively wide spectrum of issues in the knowledge based systems. We hope that the book will help the reader to assess the state-of-the-art and future prospects of the knowledge based systems.

Janueza S. Kowalik

AI Center, Boeing Computer Services, Bellevue, Washington.